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MAJ 16/09 - Lava Hound

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MAJ 16/09 - Lava Hound

Message par Baominh le Mar 16 Sep - 9:12

At last, update day is here!!! Read all that's new below:

Brand New Dark Elixir Unit: Lava Hound!

✔ This faithful flying unit cannot resist chasing after fireworks, and will go straight after the nearest Air Defense
✔ The Lava Hound's massive hitpoints makes all the incoming damage seem like mere playtime
✔ Though the unit deals very low damage, it will erupt upon death into many tiny Lava Pups that attack any nearby buildings
✔ Available at Dark Elixir barracks level 6, Town Hall level 9

New Upgrades

✔ Barbarian & Archer level 7
✔ Archer Tower level 13
✔ Dark Elixir Barracks level 6

Wall Upgrading Improvements

✔ Walls level 6+ can now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold - your choice!
✔ Select a row of walls to upgrade all pieces with one button press (so long as the cost is not over the maximum possible storage amount)

Replay Improvements

✔ Pause button added to replays (except live replays in Clan Wars)
✔ Replays and live replays now show the attacker's available troops so you can see exactly what does and doesn't get deployed, and when
✔ Live replay screen now shows the time remaining in battle so you can watch the timer tick down just like the attacker


✔ Hero regeneration time has been greatly reduced on all levels
✔ Valkyrie training time has been greatly reduced
✔ Healers have been trained to avoid distraction: now they will always try to stick with and protect the same group of friendly troops
✔ Defending Clan Castle troops now use all 4 Castle doors when coming out (overall speed of deploying is still the same as before)

Other Improvements

✔ Troops can be dismissed from Army Camps and Clan Castle
✔ Removed spell production cancellation penalty
✔ Spells are now produced in the same order as they are selected


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